Sotiris Bantas

Sotiris Bantas is passionately leading Centaur's journey for supply-chain sustainability, waste reduction, and traceable quality with the Internet-of-Crops®. An Electrical Engineer and Ph.D. from NTUA, Sotiris is experienced in bringing disruptive technologies to market, as he did for his previous company, Helic, a semiconductor design software company powering the smartphone boom which was acquired by ANSYS. A prolific inventor, Sotiris holds several patents in areas ranging sensors, machine learning and computational techniques and has several more pending.

Unleashing Abundant and Sustainable Food Supply with Digital Twin Technology

The WWF estimates that around 1.2 billion tons of food, valued at $370 billion, are lost every year. Shockingly, 58% of this wastage occurs around farms in North America, Europe, and East Asia, resulting in the emission of 2.2 gigatons of CO2. To tackle this issue, Centaur brought experience from the domains of wireless systems and thermodynamics, to develop the Internet-of-Crops®. Our data platform uses simulation to create a Digital Twin of stored or transported assets, which is fed real-time data from smart wireless sensors to predict spoilage caused by various factors such as weather, moisture, mold, and insects. This platform is now being used for sustainable shipping and logistics, offering the industry's first predictive route planning and risk analysis for perishable goods. The same technology is also available to farmers, providing them with visibility into the conditions of their stored products and allowing them to make proactive decisions to prevent spoilage and loss of income. Centaur Internet-of-Crops® leverages the cloud to run simulations quickly and efficiently, providing timely insights and alerts to our users. We also design and manufacture smart sensors that track various parameters such as quantity, temperature, moisture, and CO2, offering the richest data of any IoT solution for traceable sustainable supply chains. With these building blocks, we aim to be the leading platform for farm-to-fork traceability and sustainability.

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