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The Electrical and Computer Engineering Student’s Conference (ECESCON) is the largest panhellenic student conference, which takes place annually in various Greek cities since 2007. It’s primarily addressed to students from departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering but also to anyone who is interested in getting informed about the latest developments in science and technology, and learning more about the challenges they will face in the workforce.

ECESCON features acclaimed speakers of global status, who have excelled in their area of research and are willing to contribute to the student community. Moreover, students are given the opportunity to present their work, whether it’s an undergraduate project, a diploma thesis, or even a PhD thesis. Finally, a big part of every ECESCON are the various workshops and competitions based on a wide field of interests.

This year, the 12th ECESCON is organized for the second consecutive time by students from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Due to the highly volatile situation caused by the SARS-COV2, the conference will take place in an online format, on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of April


Welcome to SocIoTy

A virtual contest where the participants are invited to find solutions for day-to-day scenarios, using the Internet of Things(IoT). Have you ever wondered how can IoT be implemented (or applied) in various everyday problems; from our home or a supermarket, to a factory and even more? Are you ready to use your skills to work with your team to find the optimal solutions to these real-life problems and win amazing gifts? SocIoTy is the place to start!

Facilitated by the Robotics 4 all team you will be using NodeRed to compete against other teams and fight for a place in the preΣΦΗΜΜΥ finals!

The contest will be held online between the 2nd and 4th of April and you can join in by fill in the following form:


Deadline: March 20, 2021

Entrepreneurship at ECE A.U.Th


Along with the main event this year, the first Career@SFHMMY will take place. By organizing Career@SFHMMY we want to give students and young engineers the chance to interact with the partners of the event and receive valuable knowledge. In a properly designed virtual space , representatives of companies will be able to talk to delegates and present their work to them. Also, students enrolled in the conference will have the opportunity to submit their CVs electronically, which will then be given to companies.


The ECESCON 12, like every year, opens its doors to Greek speakers from all over the world. This year, however, it attempts to approach foreign speakers both from Europe and the U.S.A. In this way, it aims at laying the foundation for a global conference with international activity and influence. The speakers cover a wide range of session sections, reflecting the field of interest of an Electrical and Computer Engineer.

In the framework of globalization, students and speakers will have the opportunity to present their research and deliver their speech in English, so that the academic part of the conference will be accessible for both foreign and Greek conferrers. Providing that the ESESCON 12 will be held virtually, we hope for unforeseen participation of students from universities all over the globe!

Entrepreneurship at ECE A.U.Th