Scientific Commitee

The scientific commitee was responsible for the scientific accuracy of the papers presented, and chose those papers by research standards.
Birbas Alexios

Birbas Alexios


Division of Electronics and Computer
Sgarbas Kiriakos

Sgarbas Kiriakos

Associate Professor

Division of Information Technology


The papers below were presented on the conference by the author listed, and you can watch the presentations here.

Last Name First Name Email Title File
Perakis Georgios Single-Gateway Multi-Node Mesh Network for a Natura Region
Politis Pavlos Autonomous Driving sensors, an in-depth analysis of LiDAR technologies
Stylios Dimosthenis Οπτική Μεταφορά για την βιομηχανία 4.0
Athanasopoulos Kiriakos Προγραμματισμός Αλληλεπίδρασης Μυθιστορήματος με σύγχρονα εργαλεία ανάπτυξης
Sendros Athanasios An AMR's journey to RoboCop@Work