PreEcescon VERGINA Laboratory ECE A.U.Th


Our preECESCON hackathon is back with an exciting and revamped character! Teams from all over Greece will have the opportunity to compete for bragging rights and big prizes!

PreECESCON is one of the newest additions to the conference and that‘s because it was organized for the first time for ECESCON 8 in Patras, just 3 years ago. Inspired by other successful events such as hackathons, and aspiring to become not only a motivational cause but also a great chance for young students to become the innovators of tomorrow, PreECESCON hopes to rise as an institution for original applications in the engineering industry.

The competition will be conducted in 2 phases. During the first phase, in a 2 day time period, the competing teams will be called to write code. After that there will be an evaluation by a chosen committee and the top projects will make to phase B. The second half of the competition will include a presentation of each project on the third day of the conference and prizes will be given to the teams according to the preferences of both the committee members and the audience. Stay tuned for more information in the upcoming weeks.

Side Events

If 8 hours of speeches and workshops seem daunting, you can always take a break and come join one of our many side activities! Soft skill courses, treasure hunts, Photoshop Battles and many others await you on the University's campus grounds and on our webpage!

Side Events

Thessaloniki Spots


Thessaloniki is the city of entertainment! All ECESCON attendees will have the chance to explore the city through the conference's collaboration with tens of cafes, taverns and bars! Each night, the conference will have an official meeting spot for everyone who wants to meet new people with common interests. Also make sure not to miss our big ECESCON party!