Manos Polioudis

Head of powertrain design and delivery team - Arrival

Manos has over a decade experience within the Electric Powertrain Development industry. Having held various engineering and management roles in companies like Arrival, Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo Trucks and Semcon, has a wealth of understanding on state of the art EV PT development. Currently developing the next generation of powertrains for the UK startup Arrival, leading the powertrain design and delivery team. Trained in Six Sigma as a Black Belt and Management he believes in the optimisation of systems as whole, instead of the optimisation of individual components. Beyond EV powertrains, Manos is interested in new technologies, and their integration with traditional engineering and manufacturing, such as AI and artificial neural networks, automated manufacturing and robotic assembly as enablers for more efficient end to end systems.

Automotive Engineering - Skills and Attitude for success to the most competitive engineering environment.

In this presentation I will be talking about the automotive engineering industry.
Engineering - What we think it is
Engineering - What actually is
Skills - Timing/Cost/Scope
Attitude - The most basic characteristic
Fail Fast/Learn Fast - Applies to HW as well
How to land your first automotive engineering job
Bonus slides : Challenges still to be solved ~(autonomous, electric, architectures of HV systems etc)