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Most of us have trouble parking our cars, what would we do if we had to land an airplane?
EUROAVIA Patras, with the help of a flight simulator, prepared an amazing workshop on piloting an aircraft, just for ECESCON 13. One thing is for sure; no one is going to leave without knowing how a pilot thinks while landing an aircraft and what are the basic moves he/she has to make.
Along with expert guidance, a Euroavian member will try to land an airplane though he/she has no clue how to do it. Will you miss the chance of being his/hers co - pilot? See you at ECESCON 13!

Team info

EUROAVIA is an international students association focusing on aerospace, engineering and other related fields. Its aim is to promote cooperation in the aerospace sector by providing opportunities for its members to contribute to projects (ex. Rocket Project), to travel (International Events at a low cost), to attend Workshops (both Hard Skills and Soft Skills) and many more. Above all though, its aim is to be much more than just an association for its members. EUROAVIA Patras was founded in 2001, closed in 2012 and it’s active again since 2016 with more than 100 active members. The local group has 4 projects, which give its members the opportunity to evolve practically, depends on its Working Groups (FR, HR, Marketing, IT) which give them the opportunity to evolve personally, and helps them create a global consciousness by attending and organizing International Events. The reason EUROAVIA Patras is such a big and active local group, is the love of its members.

Date & Time
April 16, 2022, 16:40-18:40

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