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Embedded AI: application in real-time electric motor predictive maintenance

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This workshop is an introduction into embedded artificial intelligence (embedded AI), a topic concerning the integration of artificial intelligence algorithms in embedded systems. In this particular workshop, attendants will implement a complete system aiming at ensuring the safety of an urban vehicle’s driver and in particular at the prediction monitoring of the vehicle’s electric motor. Predictive maintenance refers to anomaly detection under normal operation, failure prognosis and prevention long before a motor failure occurs, through the continuous monitoring of its state. The implementation of the aforementioned system will consist of training a neural network model, optimizing and integrating it on a microprocessor. The final code developed will be gathering vibrational data from the microcontrollers sensors’ for the real-time intelligent diagnosis of common motor failures. This will be an interactive workshop and the attendants will work in small groups. Stay tuned for more!

*No preliminary knowledge is assumed except from the fundamentals of Python programming language, as all other topics are going to be reintroduced.

Team info

Prometheus Eco Racing is the energy efficiency racing team of the National Technical University of Athens – School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Out team’s members, undergraduates and PhD candidates, design and build high efficiency electric vehicles competing in the annual Shell Eco Marathon efficiency and innovation competition against universities from all over the world. Our vision is to bring light to sustainable and efficient solutions for the electric and generally the automotive industry as well as advance the battery – electric vehicle technology. With a hand-made, eco-friendly, prototype electric vehicle constructed from scratch, an 1.000 km trip will now cost less than 30 cents of a euro. More information about our Team, visit us in our new website:

Date & Time
April 17, 2022, 15:00-17:00

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