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Are you interested in robotics? Do you want to get a taste of its industrial side? Or do you want to learn about the software used by automation and automotive giants to simulate, develop and improve their products? If you answered yes, to even one of the above questions, you can register for the "Learn Industrial Robots with ROS" workshop by Democritus Industrial Robotics (DIR).

Team info

Democritus Industrial Robotics (DIR) is the only industrial robotics student group in Greece. Founded in 2018 and based in Xanthi, it is under the auspices of Democritus University of Thrace (DUTh). The main goal is to participate and represent the country in the largest robotics competition, RoboCup, and more specifically in the @Work league. In our three participations, we won the 6th, 9th and 4th place in the world, respectively, as well as a distinction.

Date & Time
April 17, 2022, 17:00-19:00

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