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Does it ever happen that more and more tasks and responsibilities emerge in your day? Is it hard for you to find time to do the things you enjoy?
Does prioritizing seem like a challenge?
Do you ever wish the day had more than 24 hours?
If you answered even one question with "yes", we have the solution!
In this session, we will explore ways to increase our productivity and manage our time better! Are 24 hours enough after all?

Team info

EESTEC (Electrical Engineering STudents' European assoCiation) is an apolitical, non-governmental, non-profit association of EECS Students all over Europe. Its aim is to help students reach their full potential in their academic, professional and social life within a strong and recognizable network. To achieve that, we organise free-of-charge academic events all over Europe, including workshops with technological topics, as well as soft skills, and we provide opportunities to our members to develop themselves through our local and international teams and projects. All these with a prominent team spirit based on mutual help and collaboration.

Date & Time
April 16, 2022, 18:40-21:00

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