ECESCON is the annual three-day Pan-Hellenic Electrical - Computer Engineering Students’ Conference, which aims to inform electrical and computer engineering students or students with other related studies about new technological advances and upcoming challenges in the labor market. Conveners have the opportunity to attend a big variety of presentations, talks, workshops and other side events.

ECESCON 14 is about to take place during the 21-23 of April 2023.

The conference will be held in the University Of Thessaly at Volos.

ECESCON is oriented towards students and academics of Electrical and Computer Engineers. However, its multidimensional nature makes it also approachable to students of other technical departments and people of all ages and professions who are interested to learn more about the subject.

The attendance and the presentation of papers at ECESCON 14 is free

Yes, you have to sign up and you can do it either online, or via our secretarial support at the venue of the conference.

It is not necessary to state that you will attend the conference, but it would be very convenient to let us know what possible speeches you are going to attend, mainly to know the availability of spaces.

Of course. Certificates will be sent by email. To get your certificate, you should attend at least ½ of the conference.

At the conference undergraduate students, postgraduate students and researchers of the field have the right to participate by handing an assignment.

To submit a paper, you have to be registered at the conference. Once you have registered, press "DASHBOARD" (under the user icon) and "ADD PAPER".