Terms and Conditions

By using this website (sfhmmy.gr) and/or attending the 14th Conference of Electrical and Computer Engineering Students (hereinafter "SFHMMY 14"), I, the user, agree to be subject to and accept the terms and conditions below. In addition, by using the services of this website, I agree in following the rules and instructions provided and which may change from time to time. All such guidelines, rules, terms and conditions are incorporated by reference within this document entitled "Terms and Conditions".


A. General:

The 14th Conference of Electrical and Computer Engineering Students (hereinafter "SFHMMY 14") is organized on April 21 to 23, 2023, at the University Thessaly, by a group of students of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Thessaly (hereinafter "Organizational Committee". The sfhmmy.gr website operates under the responsibility of the Organizing Committee, which is responsible for its proper management and operation.

B. Terms of use of the sfhmmy.gr website:

B1. Privacy Policy:

The sfhmmy.gr website collects anonymous information about its visitors (hereinafter "Visitors"), such as IP address, date and time of visit.
The sfhmmy.gr website collects information and personal data for its registered users (hereinafter "Users"), such as name, email address, university details.
The Users accept that the Organizing Committee can use the contact information they have provided, to contact them only for SFHMMY 14 issues. The Organizing Committee undertakes that all collected personal data and information of Visitors and Users of sfhmmy.gr will not be sold, rented or with anyone else granted to a third party, legal or natural, except in cases where something to the contrary is expressly stated. The sfhmmy.gr website uses cookies for the smooth operation of its services and for the extraction of traffic statistics. Cookies are not used under any circumstances to collect personal data, but only to facilitate the access of Users and Visitors to the services provided.

B2. Copyright - Trademarks:

The copyrights of the works appearing on the sfhmmy.gr website belong to their respective creators. Trademarks of conference sponsors and supporters are owned to the respective companies/organizations/institutions. The rights to the SFHMMY 14 logos belong to the Organizing Committee.
The Organizing Committee has taken appropriate measures to ensure the good quality of the services provided by the sfhmmy.gr website. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to block access to Visitors and Users who, at the discretion of the Organizing Committee, carry out malicious actions that destabilize the website and the services provided (eg spam, dos, ddos, hacking attempts).

B3. Disclaimer:

The Organizing Committee ensures to the best of its ability the validity, correctness and stability of the information and services provided on the sfhmmy.gr website. Nevertheless, the Organizing Committee bears no responsibility for any instability of the website or for incorrect information provided.
The sfhmmy.gr website includes links (hyperlinks) to third party websites (websites). The Organizing Committee is in no way responsible for the content of these websites.

C. Conference Terms:

C1. Video Recording:

The lectures of SFHMMY 14 will be videotaped for live streaming and for archival purposes (video on demand).
The speakers accept the video recording and distribution of their speech and presentation through the website sfhmmy.gr, in collaboration with the Aristotle Center for Electronic Government University of Thessaly and/or third parties. Otherwise, they must get in touch with the Organizing Committee to settle the issue (stopping video recording during their speech/presentation).
The delegates and those present in the hall of SFHMMY 14, with their presence in the conference area, accept that they may be videotaped.

C2. Papers:

The speakers accept that the papers they have submitted will be published to the delegates in electronic and printed form and will be included in the minutes of the conference.
The posters that will be presented will be posted in a public venue of the conference, and will be included in the minutes of the conference.
The copyright of works remains with the respective creators.
The Organizing Committee reserves the right to modify the hours of SFHMMY 14 and the schedule of SFHMMY 14, if there is a serious reason.
The Organizing Committee reserves the right not to allow the participation of certain people in SFHMMY 14, if it deems that they will negatively affect its conduct.

C3. Issuance of Certificates:

The Organizing Committee will grant electronic certificates of attendance of SFHMMY 14 to delegates who, in its judgment, have sufficiently attended the conference.
The Organizing Committee will grant printed certificates for presentation at SFHMMY 14 to the conference speakers.

C4. Submit Resumes to Sponsors (Career Goes Sfhmmy):

During the conference, registered Users will be able to submit their CV online through the website and choose to make it available to specific conference sponsors who may be interested in interviewing for jobs.
The User has the possibility to withdraw his consent for a specific company to access his CV.
The Organizing Committee bears no responsibility for how the biographies of the Users will be used by the sponsors of the conference.

C5. Denial of responsibility:

The Organizing Committee ensured the validity of the information provided. However, it assumes no responsibility for any typographical error, omission or inaccuracy information in the printed and electronic materials of the conference.
The Organizing Committee makes every effort for the successful conduct of SFhMMY 14. However, it bears no responsibility for any problem in the smooth conduct of the conference.